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SUNRA Group Successfully Listed On The A-share Market Today

SUNRA Group Successfully Listed On The A-share Market Today


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On April 27, with SUNRA Group (603787) officially knocked gambling and listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange, A shares of the motherboard market ushered in the first share of Chinese electric bicycles. As the leading brand of electric bicycle industry in China, SUNRA Group has been attract industry's attention in the capital market, it opened a new era of electric vehicle industry. SUNRA Group issued RMB ordinary shares (A shares)- 51 million shares, and the issue price of 6.09 Yuan per share.

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In the listing speech, SUNRA Group Chairman  Chongshun Zhang pointed out that SUNRA, as China's electric bicycle industry leader, has been committed to the development of electric bicycles, production and sales, company’s brand image, management, sales channels and technology Accumulation and other aspects of the accumulation of a more obvious competitive advantage, leading Chinese electric bicycle industry market development, and establish a good brand image and market reputation. In the future, the company will raise funds to invest in this project as an opportunity to upgrade and optimize the marketing network to enhance the company's overall technical level and technological innovation capability, give full play to the company's brand, channel advantages, research and development advantages, for the company to further expandation to lay a solid foundation. He stressed that the listing is a milestone and a new starting point, SUNRA will firmly seize this valuable opportunity for the global users to provide excellent products and services, and bear a good corporate citizens should be the responsibility to maximize the user, Employees, partners, shareholders and society.

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   Chairman of  SUNRA Group:  Chongshun Zhang


Focus on smart products ,creating a huge and potential market


The main business of SUNRA Group is the research and development, production and sales of electric bicycles. And since its establishment, the main business has not changed. With the successful listing of Jiangsu Xinri Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., the company became the first electric bicycle manufacturing company in China's capital market. Over the years, the company through the "XINRI" branding and promotion, supply chain integration and marketing network management, to establish a system, a comprehensive marketing network, and "XINRI" brand by the world brand laboratory evaluation as " The 500 most valuable brand of china in 2012", with the brand value of RMB 8.395 billion.

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Mr. Chongshun Zhang, Chairman of SUNRA Group, signed a listing agreement with Mr. Xie Wei, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Stock Exchange.


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Mr. Chongshun, Zhang Chairman of SUNRA Group and Mr. Xie Wei, Deputy General Manager of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, presented each other with commemorative gifts.


China is the world's largest producer and consumer of electric bicycles, with annual production and consumption accounting for more than 90% of the world's total output and consumption. However, most of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in this industry have lower technological level, lacking of independent innovation capability, product type Mainly low-grade, low value-added products.While the first-line brand electric bicycle production enterprises is relatively small, the market structure is relatively stable, pay more attention to brand, product quality, product innovation, marketing and service, product demand, the market development.


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SUNRA Group electric bicycles’spokesperson


Based on R & D share, SUNRA Group continued to improve

SUNRA Group will focus on the technology research and development, quality and stability as a foothold in the company is a business with high quality and strong research and development capabilities in the industry and influential research and development, design team. The team designed electric bicycle in 2008 won the vehicle exterior design award, SUNRA Group won the first China (Wuxi) Industrial Design Competition Taihu Lake second prize, electric two-wheel scooter called MIKU won the fourth " Taihu Lake "Design Competition product group special award and so on. In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, SUNRA Group, as the industry giants, the first to open the era of smart electric vehicles, and independent research and development of intelligent core E-CPU, as the basis for the design and manufacture of SUNRA MIKU MAX, the real sense of the electric scooter has a separate processing information "brain".

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                                                                                     SUNRA MIKU MAX


SUNRA listed in A shares market, and it will take off again

Listing is a milestone and a new starting point for SUNRA Group. SUNRA Group will be listed as an opportunity to A shares, and further to the high-end brands, increase brand investment efforts to comprehensively enhance the brand influence. SUNRA Group will focus on the technology and market of the product.

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Mr. Chongshun Zhang, Chairman of the Board of SUNRA Group

Mr. Yuying Chen, Director of the Board of SUNRA Group

Mr. Zhijian Lu , Vice Mayor of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province,

Mr. Zhongchao Ma , Chairman of China's Bicycle Association,

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SUNRA‘s all guests have finished the opening of IPO and took a family photo


SUNRA Group’s spokeman of the Office of the President Chen Kaiya said: SUNRA will stand on a higher platform to build A shares of new blue chips,building access to capital market while taking the market supervision, so that more intelligent manufacturing Of the new products will go into thousands of households, global users.

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