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SUNRA | Take You To Enjoy Intelligent Life and Open New Era of Electric Vehicles.

SUNRA is a professional electric vehicles company for 17 years including Electric Bicycles,Electric Scooters,Electric Motorcycles,Electric Tricycles,Electric Special Vehicles in China.

SUNRA Grace-G will give you the freedom to go farther and faster without getting too sweaty.You are empowered to conquer hills and headwinds with ease.This electric motor scooter is suitable for young girls.

SUNRA Grace-G Make Going Out Better.

Good Quality,I Choose SUNRA.

1Excellent Appearance

Diamond LED Headlight

Electric Instrument 

Liquid Crystal Display Including Tachometer and Odometer

2Perfect Performance

800W BOSCH Motor 

60V20AH & 72V20AH Battery

High Pulling Torque

Strong Power

Power Saving

Start smoothly

Ride faster

3Astonishing Colors

SUNRA have a professional color design team for you.

4Humanity Design

USB charger for your mobile phone (5V2A)